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Kristal O.

“As a young teen all my friends were driving, however, I was too scared to follow suit. My reluctance carried into adulthood and finally at 29 years old with my third child approaching my fear was less and my motivation was more. I attended Findley's driver education and was reluctant thinking I would surely be the oldest in my class. I was surprised to show up and see that this was not the case. The anxiety lessened and what I learned in class was extremely helpful. My knowledge was up to par but my skill was a different story. I was nervous, anxious and feared for the life of my instructor as I was behind the wheel. What I found was kindness, understanding and encouragement from my instructors. If I made a mistake they would gently tell my how to correct it and allow me the time to work on it until eventually I became a confident, defensive, capable driver. Today I am a G class driver and am forever grateful every time I get in my car to go to work, pick up groceries or my children from school that I took the drivers education course through Findley's. Thanks to all of you.”

Anne H.

“The instructors at Findley’s are very thorough. I was a very nervous mom about letting my daughter behind the wheel for the first time. As her confidence grew after each lesson, I found my own anxiety lessened. My daughter has passed her G2 test and I have no reservations about letting her drive on her own. Her instructor taught her more than passing a test - she taught her to drive safely and be aware of her own actions and others on the road.” 

Driver Behind Wheel

Brandon E.


Thinking about all the good habits I have while driving now, I can imagine how much worse of a driver I would be without Findley's! My instructor made sure he nailed good habits into me and it has paid off.

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